Why are air purifiers so expensive?

If you are well acquainted with the air purifier market or you are looking for an air purifier for yourself, then you may wonder why air purifiers are so expensive? Well, let’s see 

Like every product, the price tag of the air includes a part of marketing costs, which vary from brand to brand. Distinctive features and enhanced technologies are another reason behind the high price tag of air purifiers. Also, the price range revolves around different air purifier models. 

If we have a closer look, we can see that there are different types of air purifiers coming at different price tags. Generally, we have the following types of air purifiers –

Is Air Purifiers so expensive?

  • HEPA Air Purifiers – They are the commonly used air purifiers that use different filters to clean the air. The cost of HEPA air purifiers starts from around $34 up to $650.
  • Activated Carbon Air Purifiers – They are efficient in removing smoke and odors from your room. Activated Carbon air purifiers start from $95 or more.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Air Purifiers – The UV Light Air Purifiers use UV light to destroy airborne pathogens. Their price ranges from $55 to as high as $850
  • Electronic Air Cleaners – Their role is to clean the air with HEPA filters by operating through your HVAC system by central heating and cooling. Electronic air cleaners are a single solution for keeping the air clean in your whole house.
  • Ionic Air Purifiers – Ionic air purifiers release negative ions which stick to the harmful viruses present in the air. As a result, they become heavy and cannot stay in the air anymore. The price of Ionic air purifiers starts from $40 to $320.

      As we discussed the types of air purifiers and their price ranges, we can conclude that on average an individual spends around $170 for their first buying air purifiers. 

Let’s know what makes air purifiers so expensive.

Distinctive features and its units – One thing is very common and that is, the more the features are the more the price is. Also, the number of features offered by an air purifier depends on its type. HEPA air purifiers are known for providing most features like customized panels, air quality sensors, filter indicators, and many more. You can combine them with different filters like a HEPA filter with a pre-filter added. 

The additional units also impact the costliness of the air purifiers. The efficiency usually depends on the material and quality of filters. HEPA filters have different filter grades, air Ionizers have different elements for ionization, UV-C lights have different wavelengths, etc. H13 graded HEPA filters more pollutants compared to H10 graded HEPA filters. You’ll never want harmful particles to float in your air, so having an effective air purifier is very important. 


Air purifier 1

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Marketing Costs – Having an expensive air purifier doesn’t justify its effectiveness. Marketing plays an important role here. Most manufacturers have a huge budget to spend on marketing. The technology used in most air purifiers is less costly and less complicated. Flashy marketing techniques are considered to attain larger margins. Marketing is a very important thing for any company to promote their products and attract their audience. While setting the price these expenses do get added as the cost of the product making the price of air purifiers higher. The technologies used are not up to mark but the product price is way higher than normal. This scenario invites newcomers in the market to come with better technologies at an affordable price and compete with others in the market. 

Why are air purifiers so expensive? Final Statement

Considering the factors we mentioned, we can conclude that air purifiers are expensive because of their unique features, additional units, and marketing costs. Most air purifiers come with a list of additional features which are responsible for the high price. However, effective cleaning technologies are rarely used as inexpensive air purifiers. So while buying one for yourself, choose the one which fulfills your requirements and is from a decent brand coming at an affordable price.

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