What Air Purifier Kills Covid?

The upsurge of Covid 19 has struck the world awfully. The number of deaths and people being affected is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, people are taking all the necessary precautions. Even at home, there are chances of being affected by this deadly virus. This is leading to the increase in demand for Air Purifiers. Air Purifiers are considered to be effective against Covid 19. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests the use of a portable air purifier to enhance ventilation for protection against Covid19. 

Air Purifier kills Covid

If you’re planning to buy an air purifier, then this article may help you. Because with a wide range of air purifiers in the market and every brand doing misleading marketing for their sales, it is quite hard to find an ideal air purifier for your use. 


Here we will be discussing the types of air purifiers which can fight against Covid19. They are –

  • UV Light Air Purifier
  • HEPA Air Purifiers
  • Ionizer Air Purifiers


UV Light Air Purifiers

UV light Air purifier

UV air purifiers have been recognized as one of the best for protection against Covid19. Research states that UV light is capable of killing the coronavirus, so UV air purifiers are an effective way to combat harmful viruses. Usually, UV light air purifiers are costly compared to other air purifiers and they can lose their efficiency as the light gets dirty. 




HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

Hepa air purifier

HEPA filters have been used by most of the air purifier companies and are one of the oldest in the market. HEPA filters are great for trapping tiny particles including nanoparticles and that of the particles of coronavirus. HEPA filter air purifiers come at an affordable price. They can trap 99% of harmful viruses in a single exchange. HEPA filters don’t emit any harmful pollutants like ozone or UV light. Besides, the viruses stick to the HEPA filter and cannot stay in the air. 




Ionizer Air Purifiers

ionizer air purifier

Ionizer purifiers are said to be effective against COVID. Their mechanism is simple and effective. Ionizer purifiers release negative ions in the air, which stick to the harmful viruses present in the air making them heavy. And as a result the viruses being unable to stay in the air fall into surfaces like floor, wall, and table. But there is one unavoidable fact: the ionizers make the viruses heavy and they fall into surfaces where they remain stagnant. In short, the Ionizers only remove the viruses from the air but cannot kill them. 



With this article, you can get a fair idea on “What air purifier kills covid?”. While buying an air purifier lookout for these types of filters, as mentioned above which can combat COVID19 quite easily and efficiently.

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