Are you looking forward to purchasing a battery-operated air purifier?

Well, you should give them a try for their usefulness. They are mobile as a result less space occupying and rechargeable. Battery Operated Air Purifiers are becoming a necessity day by day in this broadly polluted environment.


Battery Operated Air Purifier 

Being powered by a battery they are light weighted small-sized and easily movable devices. You can even wear them or carry them to almost any place, be it your office, your car or when you’re travelling they are meant for purifying the air around you and providing you with fresh air to breathe in. 

Purification Range

Like its size, these Battery-powered air purifiers cover a small area for cleaning. But it is more than enough for your use, covering areas around you of at least 3 feet. Ideal for personal use whether you are at your office desk or you’re in the driving seat. 

Battery longevity

This is something we always consider when buying any electronic device, these devices come up with a USB cable out of the box. While buying one, you can look out for battery life in its packaging. Also, some work while charging which makes it even more useful. Don’t forget to check about the battery in the “Inside the box” section of the package.

How to get one?

You can get one battery-powered air purifier from any particular store selling such items or from online. In case you want to make an online purchase make sure to check the delivery charges. In Amazon, you can avoid the delivery charges. The prices of battery air purifiers may vary depending on their size and the purposes they serve. 



Woolala Air Purifier

This air purifier from Woolala is a small and handy device. It comes with a strap which you can put around your neck, making it look like a chain or necklace. It looks like a futuristic gadget when you wear it, besides you can put it in your car or anywhere close to yourself. This circular shaped wearable Woolala Air Purifier comes in attractive colours like blue, rose gold, silver and black.

Woolala Air Purifier

Works without making any noise 

A lightweight small body that works silently without making any noise. This woolala air purifier runs by one lithium battery. It weighs around 30g so you can carry it on the go, to the gym, office or while travelling to be able to breathe in fresh air wherever you are.  The sound of its advanced fan is not going to bother you in any way, it is under 25 decibels.


This battery-powered air purifier is made up of sturdy materials. Another reason for its attractive look is its stainless steel body, which is not easy to break and long-lasting. The air purifier is capable of purifying the air around you within a space of 3.3 feet, working like an imaginary circle drawn around you protecting you from harmful air particles.

Negative Ions (Anions)

This Woolala air purifier releases negative ions to provide fresh air around you. These negative ions get discharged from the carbon fibre outlet of the brush. It generates around 3 million negative ions per cubic centimetre. These anions protect you from smoke, mould, dust, HCHO, PM2.5 and other harmful particles.

Woolala air purifier review

Single Button

This Woolala Air Purifier has a magnetic USB charging system, all you need is to place a USB charging end to your air purifier charging panel and it will start charging. Woolala claims that with half an hour of charge this air purifier can work for 10 hours. It has a single button and is very easy to operate, press the button for two seconds the silver centre will be illuminated and you are ready to enjoy the fresh air. 


  • Attractive colours available
  • Comes with a strap and can be worn as a necklace
  • Made up of sturdy materials





Wynd Air Purifier

This air purifier from Wynd looks like a small-sized tower.  Weighing around 14 ounces, the wynd air purifier has a dimension of 9.5 x 8.7 x 4.4 inches. Powered by one lithium-ion battery, this is a light weighted device that can fit into the cup holder of your car and almost anywhere. You can take it to your office desk, carry it if you’re in an aeroplane, ideal for small rooms and can be kept inside the stroller of your baby. It occupies very little space thus it becomes very easy to carry it while travelling.

Wynd Air Purifier

Medical Grade Filter 

The Wynd Air Purifier has a silver soaked filter which plays a vital role in eliminating the trapped germs which tend to enter within its radius. This medical-grade filter traps particles like pollen, pet dander, bacteria, brush fire smoke emitted from traffic, factories and power plants. This battery-operated air purifier can trap and kill particles over 0.3 microns. Wynd Air Purifier surrounds you with fresh air providing a healthy atmosphere.

Smart Air Purifier

You can download the Wynd app from your app store on your smartphone and can connect it with your air purifier. The app provides you with a variety of features which includes checking air quality, multiple modes, purifier settings and receiving alerts when air is polluted. It automatically adjusts its cleaning speed depending on your conditions. 

Purifying Radius

The Wynd air purifier provides 9 litres per second, providing you with clean air within 3 feet around you. It’s portable you can place it in small rooms or offices, a car or your baby’s room. With 3 filters in the bundle, it lasts for 3-6 months and talking about its battery life which is of 8 hours once fully charged.

Wynd Air Purifier

Efficiency and useful features

The Wynd air purifier has a designed kickstand that enables you to adjust airflow in your desired direction. It can be used while charging too so you don’t have to wait for it to get fully charged. It’ll take 3 hours to fully clean and purify the air of a 100  sq. Feet room. The price point at which it comes is on a higher circuit. 


  • An ideal car air purifier
  • Wynd app for advanced controls
  • Medical Grade Filter
  • Can clear a room up to 100 Sq. Feet




Best Battery Operated Air Purifier For Small Places 


FuloxTech Air Purifier

NLO Design

The FuloxTech Air Purifier comes with an uncommon design, it looks similar to an NLO which is white coloured. The dimensions are – Length of 3.4  inches and height of 2.2 inches. It weighs around 6 ounces. It is preferred for small areas and can be placed in compact spaces like your car, wardrobe, refrigerator and even in your bag. 

Filterless air purifier

This FuloxTech Air Purifier operates by a single lithium-ion battery. Besides this, it is a filterless air purifier that sets you free from the worry of replacing filters or buying a new one. The absence of a filter in this air purifier makes this product easily maintainable. Coming at affordable pricing this product comes with a USB and lanyard out of the box. 

Power Saving Mode

This battery-operated air purifier comes with 2 different modes, one is power-saving mode and the other is efficiency mode. The power-saving mode is indicated by a green light which has 3 levels namely initial working level ( duration 30 mins ), pause mode ( duration 55 mins) and working mode ( duration 5 mins). This cycle of levels will continue until the power saving mode is turned off. 

Efficient Mode

Blue light is the indicator of Efficient Mode. As its name stands for the Efficient Mode has 3 levels same as that of the power saving mode, but here each level lasts for 30 mins. Initial working mode ( duration 30 mins), pause mode ( duration 30 mins) and working mode ( duration 30 mins). In case you don’t want to repeat the cycle you can just turn the air purifier off and change the mode.

Fulox Tech air purifier

Ozone Generator

Once fully charged, this battery-operated air purifier can work for up to about 10 days. This can effectively make your space get rid of odours from pets, cooking, new car, sweat and food etc. You’ll get a manual of instructions regarding the storage rope and USB cable.


  • Lanyard and USB cable out of the box
  • Runs by a single battery
  • Power saving mode
  • Less space-occupying



Best Portable Battery Operated Air Purifier


SZC Air Purifier

Affordable Pricing

This air purifier looks like a small portable tower which is black, it looks very much elegant. The dimensions are 5.6 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches and weigh only 13.6 ounces. It can be well fit in your refrigerator, wardrobe, nursery, cup holder of your car and other small places. It comes at an affordable price range.

Refrigerator Air Purifier

It can work well in your refrigerator, having an efficient operating range of -10°C to -50°C. The SZC air purifier performs 3 levels of stages of elimination for this process. This battery-operated air purifier kills and destroys harmful bacterias by releasing a large number of negative ions and ozone. The second stage is the oxidative decomposition stage where the cell wall of bacteria are being destroyed and decomposed by the oxidizing property of active oxygen. In the third stage, ozone encounters bacteria to decompose carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

Single Button Operation 

 The SZC air purifier can clean an area of 107 square feet effectively, and it has a simple one-button mechanism. Pressing the button once will activate delay mode which is indicated by the green light. In delay, mode involves 5 mins of working time and 25 mins of time-lapse. Pressing the button for two seconds will activate 20 mins delay mode with 10 working minutes indicated by blue light. Lastly pressing the button for the second time will activate standby mode which is indicated by the red light.


While in stand by mode, this air purifier can be turned off by long-pressing the button. The top head is made up of a tempered glass panel that is shock resistant and the external surface is made up of an aluminium alloy which makes this device long-lasting and a tough one. The sealed moisture-proof design makes this air purifier a waterproof one also. 


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Elegant look and attractive design
  • Durable body
  • Works well in the refrigerator



Best Ionic Battery Operated Air Purifier

Dvluck Air Purifier

The Dvluck Air Purifier is a necklace air purifier. This air purifier is coated with stainless steel and quality ABS materials. It looks like a pretty silver coloured pendant. Dimensions are 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.65 inches. It has a USB charging cable and a manual of instructions. This battery-powered air purifier comes at an affordable price point.

Negative ion generator


You can put it around your neck as a chain with a pendant, also you can use it in your car or a small nursery. A lanyard is also included with this air purifier. The Dvluck Air Purifier is itself an ionizer that releases more than 5 million negative ions in the air making the air cleaner for you to breathe in.

No Noise

This battery-powered air purifier comes with an effective purification space per cubic meter. This  Dvluck Air Purifier produces a very low range of noise that you can hardly hear. This air purifier protects you from dust, mould, smoke and other odours. Besides, it doesn’t produce ozone or other harmful particles.

12 hours battery backup

It takes around an hour to get fully charged. Once fully charged the Dvluck air purifier can work for about 12 hours. Once you plug in the USB for charging it shows a red light and once it’s fully charged the red light gets off. 


  • One hour charge to work for about 12 hours
  • Low noise levels
  • Works as a negative ionizer
  • USB cable and lanyard comes out of the box




Which are the two best battery operated Air

Purifiers in my opinion?

All air purifiers here are battery-powered air purifiers are small and as a result, can be carried with relative ease. If you’re still struggling to make a choice then I will suggest two devices: The Dvluck air purifier and the Wynd air purifier. The Dvluck air purifier is a wearable air purifier with a lanyard that comes out of the box. It takes almost an hour to get fully charged. On the other hand, the Wynd smart air purifier is an air purifier designed for your car and is capable of cleaning a room of 100 sq. Feet and has a medical-grade filter.

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