How many watts does an air purifier use?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Air Purifiers, especially from first-time buyers. Quite understandable because no one wants a high electricity bill. Coming to its usage, Air Purifiers run more than any electrical appliances in your house. So the question arising about how many watts does an air purifier use is quite normal. 


Now talking about it first you need to check how much electricity does your Air Purifier consumes which is commonly mentioned in its package 

(mentioned in watts usually). One unit of your electricity bill is equivalent to 1KW (kilowatt) i.e. 1000 watts per hour. If any of your electronic devices consume 1KW and are operating for an hour, then your electricity bill will be added by one unit.  On average, an air purifier useAir Purifier Wide Coveraged for residential purposes consumes about 50 Watts. So if you have to turn it on for 20 hours to increase one unit of electricity in your bill. This is even lower than the consumption of a 60 watts light bulb.


For more clarity here is the average power consumption of your day-to-day appliances mentioned in watts.


Desktop: 200-450W

Laptop : 90-150W 

Air conditioner (AC) : 1200-4700W (1.2k – 4.7kW)

Refrigerator: 150-250W

LED TV: 90-120W


This may give you a fair idea regarding how much electricity your Air Purifier consumes compared to your other devices.


Here are some Air Purifiers with their power consumption rates


Rabbit Air Minusa2 – 48W

Blueair Pro XL 390 Sq. Feet – 11-75W

Honeywell HPA300 – around 130 W

Winix WAC9500 – max 15 W


It is essential to check the energy star rating before purchasing an air purifier as they are the least energy-consuming device in your home.


The power consumption also depends on the fan speed settings of the air purifier. If you want to save more electricity then you can switch to a lower fan speed. 


Simplified calculation of how much electricity your Air Purifier use 


We’ve talked about watts and kilowatts, now this will be a simple equation for you to understand. 

Cost of each electricity unit ($) × Power consumption rate of your Air Purifier (kW) × Running time (hours)

Air Purifier Timer SettingHope this will be helpful for you to know how much watt an air purifier uses. And if you want to be more exact, then you can go with that equation. Now you got your answer and can look forward to purchasing one for yourself. These devices in no way can hugely influence your electricity bill. If used properly and wisely you can even save more from it.


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