How Air Purifiers Work in a Car?

We are well acquainted with the use of air purifiers in cars, we often travel to places of poor air quality, smoke in the car and carry our pets in a car which leads to pollution of air in our cars. For maintaining good air quality inside your car, the use of air car purifiers has become very much important. All the pollutants we find outside are present in your car as well and in addition, are some particulates that come from your car itself. 

A study from NIH ( National Institute of Health) found that particulates released from aromatic hydrocarbons and brakes are likely to cause health problems. To avoid this you can open a window on one side but that will welcome the pollution outside your car to get inside.

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Car Air Purifiers and How Do they Work

Engine Air Filters – They don’t purify the air of the seating compartment, instead they filter the air that goes into your engine for combustion purposes.


Cabin Air Filter – This filters the air coming into your car when you have set the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system to extract fresh air. They also filter the recirculated air.


Air Ionizers – Electric devices which are being plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, produce negative ions (anions) to ionize pollutants making them heavy and as a result, they cannot stay in the air anymore so that you can’t inhale them. 


Ozone Generators – Ozone Generators generate ozone, which effectively destroys and damages the molecular composition of pollutants and foul odor.


Conclusion – Air Ionizers are a good choice which you can plugin according to your need and their operation is also quite effective. Look out for good Air Ionizers because a weak one will do nothing except consuming energy. 

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Ozone Generators react with odor-causing substances providing you with odorless air. Also, it sets you free from long exposure to ozone. So it is a wise choice to have an ozone generator installed in your car.



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