Best 5 Air Purifiers for Pets and Pet Owners in 2021


Having pets at home? This means you’re already struggling with odours. 

If you are having a pet, then you’re well familiar with its smell, but keeping the windows open all the time is not an option. So you can look for an air purifier which is suitable for pets. We’ve discussed them here and keep reading to find out!




Why Do You Need an Air Purifier For Pets?

If you’re a pet owner, then their hair and dander flies in the air must be bothering you. These are responsible for causing respiratory problems too. Besides these particles, pets have their smell which stays with them even if you bathe them daily. Air Purifiers can reduce the presence of these contaminants in the air and are capable of removing mould spores, dust, pollen, smoke and food smell etc. 

What to look for?

There is a wide range of air purifiers in the market. You must have a fair idea of them before you get one for yourself. First, check the filtration system of the Air Purifier. HEPA Filter is the most commonly used filter for air purifiers. It can trap very minute particles from the air. The role of Pre-filter is to capture large particles and act as a protective layer for other filters. Filters with activated carbon can effectively remove odours from your air.

Fan Speeds

An ideal Air Purifier should have at least 2 fan speeds. If you have pets in your house all the time then it’ll be useful if your air purifier has a night mode or low fan speed option. This will help maintain the air quality while running continuously all day. A higher fan speed is also a useful feature, which will help your air purifier to purify your air quickly. 

Additional Features

If you’re planning to get one for yourself then you should check the filter replacement price.  Filters can be very costly at times depending on the air purifier you are buying. You can find air purifiers having sensors, which indicates the level of air pollution with some given data. Some air purifiers come with WiFi support which you can control with your smartphone. Air purifiers with an auto mode can adjust the fan speed according to the air quality automatically. 




Best Air Purifier For Allergies and Pets


Rabbit Air Purifier


Room Coverage Area

This air purifier from the brand Rabbit is one of the best you can look out for. It is available in different colour and room size variants. Also, it has a WiFi variant too. We are reviewing the RabbitAir SPA – 780A model which is white. The coverage area of this air purifier is up to 815 square feet. 


Wall Mounting

This air purifier does come with a wall mounting but it can also be set up on the floor or some furniture. The tools for wall mounting are available in its package. A remote control, filter case, filters and user manual comes out of the box with this product. The RabbitAir air purifier offers two air changes per hour. 

Specialised Filter for Pet Allergy

The filtration process of this air purifier starts with the pre-filter which catches large particles like allergens, dust and particles. The medium filter traps particles larger than 1 micron like pollen, mould and pet dander. The BioGS HEPA Filter is the third filter that traps allergens and particles of 0.3 microns at an efficiency rate of 99.97%. There comes an option for a customised filter which you can choose according to your requirement. Custom filters include Germ Defense, Pet Allergy, Odor Remover or Toxin Absorber filter. The pet allergy filter catches pet dander and pet allergens. 


Customized Panel

The Charcoal based Activated Carbon Filter present in the air purifier effectively reduces chemical and household odours. The negative ion generator fortifies the air and makes it fresh for breathing. RabbitAir doesn’t want its users to compromise with their style for the sake of comfort. That’s why they offer you to choose a customised panel for your air purifier. There is a list of images from Hello Kitty, Monet, Van Gogh and Hokusai etc. 


  • Room Coverage Area of 815 square feet
  • Pet Allergy Filter
  • Customisable Filter
  • BioGS HEPA Filter



Best Air Purifier For Pet Hair 


Winix HR900 Air Purifier


AHAM Verified

The body of this Winix HR900 air purifier is made up of Resin and Plastic. The dimensions of this device are 16.3 × 9.6 × 23.6 inches. This device weighs around 18 pounds. The Winix HR900 is AHAM verified for 300 square feet of capacity. It has an energy star certificate which denotes its energy-saving property. It comes at an affordable price point and is designed especially for pet owners.


Pet Pre-filter 

This Pre Filter air purifier has an optimal 5 stage filtration process. The filtration process starts with the Ultimate Pet Pre-filter which acts as the first line of defence against pet hair, dander and visible particles. Then comes the washable pre-filter odour removal filter. It reduces VOCs, pet odours, cooking odours, smoke and other odours. The true HEPA filter captures airborne allergens like pollen, mould spores, dust, pet dander, microbes and smoke particles as small as 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency. The Plasmawave Air Cleaning Technology creates Hydroxyls to neutralize Bacteria and Viruses. 

Room Coverage

The Winix HR900 is ideal for medium and large-sized rooms. It has a room coverage area of 300 square feet. You can place it in your living room, bedroom or anywhere suitable in your house. This Winix air purifier is perfect for pet owners which have an air exchange rate of 5 times per hour. 


Air Quality Indicator

The Winix HR900 comes with several smart features. The triple smart sensors along with the auto mode measure the air quality and adjust the fan speed according to it. There are odour and particle sensors present in this air purifier. The air indicators indicate the air quality by three colours. The blue indicator indicates clean air, the red indicator indicates polluted air and the yellow indicator indicates moderate air quality. 


  • Affordable price
  • Energy star rating
  • Room coverage of 300 square feet
  • Best Air purifier for pets



Best Air Purifier For Pet Odors


Homedics Total clean PetPlus Air Purifier


Design and Coverage Area

The Homedics air purifier is sleek in design and has brushed golden accents added for its decoration. The dimensions of this product are 7 × 10.2 × 28 inches. This white coloured air purifier for pets is meant for small and medium-sized rooms. It has a room coverage area of 188 square feet. 


PetPlus Odor Filter

This product weighs 13 pounds and comes with a cord of 6 inches in length. The Homedics air purifier has a 3 stage filtration system. The filtration process starts with the pre-filter process which eliminates pet hair and fur. The PetPlus odour filter contains activated carbon, which removes unpleasant smells like cat litter, wet dog and other animal odours. 

True HEPA Filter

The True HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of airborne allergens, smoke, mould spores, pet dander and dust mites of 0.3-micron size. If you’re having a cat or dog at home this air purifier will neutralize their odours and will provide you with an odour-free environment. 

Auto-off Timer 

This air purifier has a control panel placed on its top. The control panel has power buttons, speed buttons, timer buttons, ionizer settings and filter reset buttons. There are three fan speeds in this air purifier, low, medium and high speed. The timer can be set for 2,4,8 or 12 hours after which it will shut down automatically. 


Whisper Quietly

On the lowest fan speed, the Homedic air purifier runs quietly without making any noise. This can be used at night while sleeping. The quiet motorized oscillation option can purify a room as large as 188 square feet. The filter indicator in this device will indicate the time when the filter is to be changed. All the filters and instructions are available in the package of this air purifier. 


  • The room coverage area of 188 square feet
  • PetPlus Filter
  • Timer and ionizer



Best Air Purifier For Pet Dander


Hamilton Beach Trueair Compact Pet Air Purifier


Compact Design 

This air purifier from Hamilton is black. This Hamilton 04386A model is compact and stylish in design. It is easily portable and you can put it on the floor, desk or your shelf. The product dimensions are 8.51 × 11.13 × 17.38 inches. It weighs only 6 pounds so that you can carry it easily with yourself. 


Dual working ways

The Hamilton air purifier works in both ways i.e vertically as well as horizontally. This device will best fit in your bedroom, den, nursery, living room or even your office. The room coverage of this device is 160 square feet. It is not recommended to use this device in your kitchen, garage or other places where it may come in contact with grease, oil or chemicals.

Permanent Filter

The Hamilton air purifier for pets comes with a HEPA filter and Pre-filter. The pre-filter is permanent and reusable, keeping you away from the hassle of replacing the filters from time to time. All it needs is a simple vacuum clean once every three to six months, depending on your usage. The permanent filter removes pet hair, dust particles and other large particles. The HEPA filter works effectively against airborne dust mite debris, animal dander, mould and mildew spores, smoke, pollen and dust etc. 


Three Fan Speeds

The plastic bag around the HEPA filter is to be removed before using the Hamilton air purifier. This air purifier for pets has three fan speeds, low medium and quick clean speed. With an ultra-quiet motor and fan, when at low speed, you’ll hardly hear anything. At night you can keep it on low fan speed and sleep peacefully without any disruption. This device comes with a one year of warranty by the manufacturer and Hamilton has dedicated customer support for all your queries.


  • Compact and stylish
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms
  • Purifies pet dander
  • Operates quietly



Best Air Purifier For Cat Allergies


GermGuardian AC4300WPT


Energy Star Certification

The Guardian air purifier has dimensions of 8.9 × 5.4 × 22 inches. This tower shaped air purifier is easily portable and you can fit it almost anywhere. It weighs around 9 pounds. The GermGuardian being AHAM verified can easily clean tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. This device has an Energy Star Certificate for low energy consumption. 


Room Coverage Area 

The power consumption of the GermGuardian is 120 V. The coverage area of this air purifier for pets is 153 square feet. It is meant for medium-sized rooms. The air exchange rate of this air purifier for 153 square feet is 4.8 per hour, which will keep your room free from cat and dog hair, cat and pet dander and other allergens. 

Antimicrobial Pet Pure Treatment

The GermGuardian has a pre-filter and a charcoal filter. The pre-filter traps dust, pet hair and other large particles protecting the HEPA filter. The activated charcoal filter removes unpleasant odours from pets, cat litter, box, smoke and cooking fumes etc. The True HEPA filter improves the air quality by trapping 99.97% of minute airborne particles like odour, mould and pollen etc. The antimicrobial Pet Pure system obstructs the growth of mould, mildew and odour-causing bacteria on the filter’s surface.


UV-C Light

The UV light is an optional feature present in this GermGuardian air purifier for pets. The UV light kills germs and filter odours and disables the growth of bacteria in the filters. It has three fan speeds and at the lowest speed, it operates quietly which you can use while sleeping. For better performance the timely replacement of filters is necessary. The filter indicator indicates the time when you need to change the filters. The UV-C bulb is to be replaced once every 10-12 months. 


  • AHAM Verified
  • Consumes less energy
  • An optional  UV-C light 





All the purifiers that we have discussed are specially designed for pet owners. They have adjustable filters for pet hair, pet dander and pet odour. It’s hard to choose between the five models as all of them are of good quality and are long-lasting devices. But if you ask me to pick two out of the five, I’ll choose the RabbitAir air purifier and the Winix air purifier. The reason is simple, the RabbitAir air purifier has six effective stages of purification and a deduction pet allergy filter, also it has a room coverage area of 815 square feet. Whereas the Winix is specially made for pet owners, it has a pet pee filter and most importantly it uses Plasma Technology.

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